jeanniebell74's Journal

26 February
I am a Daughter Niece,Mother,Sister,Wife,Friend......I Find people writing they are all those things about them selves first I feel this is telling what u r to some one else not to who u are to u.

I am a 35 yr old women who wants this life but in my 26 yr old body.. I love to read I feel the things I read make me a little of who I am. I enjoy a good movie and worship Jon Travolta.
I enjoy the outdoors but also enjoy dancing in the club.

I grew up in a rough child hood but learned that letting it go and loving my family is easier.

I grew up with a group of amazing people that even though it has been yrs they made me who i am And i hope i helped make who they are.
I am also a wife to a great man. A mother to two daughters I carried and one that is my husbands but i LOVE and a sister to a women I feel is one of my best friends. A great uncle i am blessed to have and A mother who i feel we grew up alot together but now is my twin